Mets 2020 season and what to expect

Published by Morgan Fuld, May 2nd 2020

Mets fans, get hyped. You all are looking at a roster that is eager to get on the field and play ball. You are looking at a roster who is rallying at the head of our new manager, Luis Rojas. You are looking at a team who wants to hold up the Commissioner’s trophy. With all of that being said, who should we be looking for a great season from?

1) JD Davis. Davis is coming off a phenomenal first full season in the big leagues. In 140 games with the Mets this season, Davis hit .307 in 410 AB with a .369 OBP, .527 SLG, .895 OBP (ELITE), and an OPS+ of 138. These stats for a first full season in the big leagues are incredible. Quite frankly, Davis has proved to the fanbase that he is a top 5 player on the team and a top 20 NL East position player. Speaking of position, that is one of the spots that Davis makes himself a great piece on the ballclub. He is very versatile in the field, with the ability to play LF, RF, and 3B. He has also proven that with some time that he will be a big piece in this team going forward. I think Davis is a player to watch for the Mets to have another big season.

2) Jacob DeGrom. Three-peat Cy Young anyone? In my opinion, Jacob DeGrom is the man that needs to take a huge leadership role in the team next season and he needs to have a huge year on the mound again. Going back to our 2015 run, Jacob DeGrom led us past the Dodgers in the NLDS, beating them twice in a 5-game series. I believe that he is the piece that could ultimately lead us to a World Series or not. Obviously, the bats also have to perform, but with our other ace Noah Syndergaard out after getting Tommy John surgery, Jacob DeGrom needs to lead by performance, presence, and athleticism most of the time, if not every time that he is on the mound for the New York Mets in the 2020 MLB season.

3) Michael Wacha. Yes, I know. Unpopular opinion. However, Wacha is going to play one of the biggest roles on the team than people think. With Noah Syndergaard out due to Tommy John surgery, Wacha has got to step in and play one of the bigger starting pitcher roles in the rotation behind Marcus Stroman and Steven Matz. Realistically, our rotation looks as follows. DeGrom, Stroman, Matz, Wacha, Porcello. In order for the Mets to compete well in the NL East this upcoming season, they got to have a full rotation. As a 4th guy in the rotation, I think Wacha will do really well there and if he can put up good numbers, it would be one thing towards a championship run for the Mets.

4) EDWIN DIAZ. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BOUNCE BACK. What the New York Mets need from Diaz is an excellent bounce-back season. As an admittedly salty fan about Diaz’s performance last season, I’m not even going to bother bringing up his stats. They were absolute trash. Not even kidding, he was one of our worst on the field last season. The Mets paid big dollars for this guy, and in order for this team to live up to its standards, he has to live up to our expectations as a closer. The Mets don't need 57 saves out of him as he did in 2018. Realistically, as our closer, the Mets need a good 40 or 45 saves out of him this season. In order for this team to come together in the end, the Mets need to be able to perform at the end of games. This bounce-back season from Edwin Diaz, along with Seth Lugo continuing to be dominant would give the team a great leap towards the eventual goal.

Before I mention the last one, I would like to give an honorable mention to Pete Alonso. While him having another great season is key to us doing well going forward, we can almost assume he will have another great season. Not 53 HR good, but a very good season. There’s another player that I feel needs to have a great season this season. His name is Amed Rosario.

5) Amed Rosario. This guy has taken leaps and strides in the 2019 MLB season to show Luis Rojas and the rest of the team that he can be an everyday shortstop. This guy has been projected to be our number 8 hitter in the lineup. JUST THINK ABOUT THAT. A guy who has improved so much over the last season, who could bat leadoff is sitting in our eight spot. This would be smart. It would be a very dangerous bat in a vulnerable spot in the lineup card. Very smart idea.

These players were put in no particular order in case you were wondering. I also did not intend to have mostly pitchers. These are just a few players that I believe can/need to have a huge impact on the team in order for us to be a success going into next season. What did you think of my list?